Are you tired of being in the typical “outpatient” clinic setting getting herded like cattle with other patients and not receiving the individualized, non- rushed, quality care you deserve from your physical therapist? 


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Personal trainer, I offer physical therapy evaluations and treatments, diet plans and personal training catered to your individual needs. All of this can take place in the comfort of your home!


Physical Therapy (examples but not exclusive)

-Neck pain

-Back pain

-Joint pain

-Chronic injuries/ tendonitis in elbow/ foot/ ankle/ knee, etc.

-Post surgical


Personal Training

•   Workout plans vary pending your individual needs and goals and a plan will be implemented following initial consultation.


Diet Plans

•   Fat loss

•   Muscle building

•   Total body toning

•   Improved athletic abilities


Lifestyle Coach

•   Includes a diet plan unique to your goals and a workout plan unique to your goals.

•   Body fat percentage in measured and weight is taken every 3 weeks to keep you on track and monitor your progress.

•   Unlimited ability for e-mail access with any questions regarding certain foods, workout tips / questions you may have along the way.


Diet Plans

•  Fat loss

•  Muscle building

•  Total body toning

•  Improved athletic abilities